The European Black Belt Institute is a knowledge transfer organization that promotes the implementation of Lean Six Sigma in Europe.

Lean Six Sigma, is the combination of two business management strategies, Lean Management and Motorola's Six Sigma system. While the Lean Management methodology concentrates on creating more value with less work, the Six Sigma system strives to identify and eliminate defects through variance reduction. Thus, Lean Six Sigma provides a method to reduce inefficiencies as well as increasing the quality of the products or services. 

Standard scale projects are performed by Black Belts (project) and / or Green Belts. They report the progress of their projects to Champions (usually their hierarchical bosses).

Besides standard models for program management and organizational structure, Lean Six Sigma offers a phased approach (roadmap) for improvement projects. This phasing is referred to as DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control). These phases, divided into smaller steps, are guiding the Belts in the execution of their projects and facilitate project tracking. 


The European Blackbelt Institute consists of an International team of experts and (Master) Black Belts delivering training and certification in the field of Lean Six Sigma. Projects are often executed in cooperation with Universities and/or their staff members.

The European Blackbelt Institute follows with their Lean Six Sigma Training curriculum the standard of the American Society for Quality (ASQ). For
certification we apply very strict requirements in terms of actual projects carried out and implemented. LSS projects must be audited by financial departments, and sustainable in length of years.